‘Ayurveda’ is India’s indigenous contribution to medicine (popularly known as Indian system of medicine). Ayurveda considers the whole body rather than the symptoms alone. Kerala, Popularly Known as “Gods own country” in the international tourism map is rich with Ayurveda tradition. HPC Ayurveda is a unique blend of Indian Ayurveda with Kerala traditions.

HPC Ayurveda doctors are registered consultants in Indian system of medicine. The treatments are done under the direct supervision of Ayurveda doctors. We also have a good team of professionally trained registered Ayurveda nurses and trained therapists.

We mainly cater the Indian urban population and International clients. We have patients from UK, UAE, QUATAR, The Sultanate of Oman, and Saudi Arabia. We also have special clinics, like back pain clinic, arthritis clinic, spondylitis clinics, and rejuvenation clinics.

Most of our packages are 7 days and 10 days duration, designed for the convenience of Working people and International patients.  

We provide 4 and 5 star accommodations to our Inpatients with convenient conveyance.

Rare and valuable raw materials are used to manufacture our medicines as per traditional procedures and are sourced from Kerala.

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 HPC Ayurveda treatment Highlights

  • Our Ayurveda treatments are strictly personalized. So the treatments and medicines will be selected     only after a thorough consultation with our doctor.
  • The treatments provided for each person may vary according to their conditions and body constitution.
  • We use exclusively prepared herbal oils for your treatment depending on your body constitution.
  • Gentlemen will have male masseurs and Ladies will have female masseurs for all sorts of treatments.
  • The treatment rooms are Air conditioned for better experience
  • If you have previous medical history of Blood pressure, Heart disease, Blood sugar, and allergies or in pregnancy, please endorse the same with our doctor at the time of your consultation so that we can plan the treatment suitably.
  • Come prepared with your latest diagnostic reports, or sent us a copy prior to your arrival.
  • Reveal your special conditions in advance, like, your allergic history, medical history, pregnancy, physical challenges, and mental health history
  • Our doctors are willing to prepare special cocktails for you, if you have taboo with certain products.

Special treatments for
IT professionals and old age groups




All treatments under Ayurvedic
doctors supervision